About Us

Officially established in 2015, Perfect Corals grew from a hobby-turned-passion for Alex Gonzalez-Vinas, starting with his after-school job at an aquarium supply store in Miami.

Perfect Corals strives to provide high-quality exotic corals and fish to our clients at affordable pricing. We hope to gain your business by differentiating ourselves on quality, our dedication to the hobby and sustainability. 


As coral enthusiasts ourselves, we know that feeling when you’ve dropped some serious cash on a coral or specimen only to have it die on you soon after. That is why we make sure to source our animals from reputable providers that consistently supply healthy specimens.

By working directly with suppliers, importing our own coral, and growing our coral, we are able to pass along those savings to our buyers. All online purchases are guaranteed with our Perfect Guarantee, so you can shop with greater peace of mind.


We do this for the simple love of reef. Our priority will always be for the health and wellness of the animals. Therefore, Perfect Corals will never knowingly sell you a specimen that is incompatible with your current tank setup. We enjoy discussing your tank needs, and welcome any inquiries. 

Perfect Corals enjoys being part of the reefing community and furthering the hobby through our participation in local and regional marine society and reefing events including Reef-A-Palooza. We also enjoy being part of educating others on all things reef, including donating specimens to local schools, advising our clients on their tank setup, and helping grad students with their questions.


We believe in the beauty of our reefs and nature and the importance of maintaining their health. 

Our system runs entirely on solar energy, with the Triton method to reduce water consumption and waste. We propagate many of our corals in-house and purchase as much as possible from vendors providing maricultured corals.